Cuore di Lupo (Wolf's heart)

Cuore di Lupo (Wolf’s Heart)

Cleo wakes up in an anxiety attack, and it takes her a while to realize that she is in a hotel room with Sebastian, a boy she met at a club.

That night of passion, together with the young man’s first revelations, marked the beginning of a new life for her. He will have to face his painful past, made of violence and pettiness, to open himself up to an incredible secret: Sebastian is in fact a werewolf. Overcome with bewilderment and fear, Cleo is passionate about the warmth of a new family, discovering the connection with Nature.

Again, Cleo’s past returns to torment her, but she learns of her true Norwegian origins, rooted in one of the oldest and purest herds of wolves. Cleo and Sebastian then leave for Scandinavia, the cradle of shamanism. Marked in focus on her back during her initiation, Cleo turns only part in the arms of her real biological father, who gives her terrible news: she is mixed blood, and cannot be accepted by the herd.

Still, Cleo relies on the wisdom of the runes and the love for Sebastian, finding her way.

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  • Title: Cuore di Lupo
  • Gender: Fantasy romance
  • Author: Chiara Casalini
  • Publisher: Astro Edizioni
  • Pages: 319


#ViaggioCoiLupi will take you to discover the elements from which I have been inspired. Wolves, tradition and Nordicand shamanism will accompany you on this journey.


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Franco Giacoia Su Amazon

It’s not the usual fantasy, but it’s a FANTASY. The author in this book deals with very delicate topical issues on human and family relationships, as a great reality said in transparency in updating certain themes in a fantasy is not easy, the author does it very well. This is a love story that brings the protagonist between troubled events has a radical change of a life.

Luna Blu su Amazon

I faced the reading with doubts, awed by a genre that was too treated and distorted and I must say instead struck by the originality of the plot! Starting from a very “direct” beginning that opens up in the harshness of the protagonist’s life, to then slip into themes that are not at all light or trivial. What to say? A reading that certainly encourages you to continue and keep you glued to the end. A story that is really not at all trivial, a sort of rare gem given the theme of the werewolves.

Omar Saggiorato su Amazon

Although the topic “vampires and werewolves” has been widely discussed in recent years, the strength of this book is its originality. The author was good, in my humble opinion, to find her voice that at the end of the reading leads you to say: “it is not the usual soup”. Another virtue is the style, fluid and direct, without too many frills, in a first-person narration which, it is good to remember, presents many pitfalls even for the most experienced authors. A story with strong references to Scandinavian myths, imbued with esotericism and runic magic that allowed me to arrive without problems – and with a certain heartache for Cleo’s fate – up to the last page.

Lunar Morrigan su Amazon

A very fluid and poetic style that introduces us with skill in a particular urban fantasy. Particular because it has everything: the fantastic component, in fact, represented by the theme of lycanthropy; the romantic component, between two protagonists whose chemistry starts immediately; the erotic component, with scenes that are as detailed as they are delicate; and finally the most adult and raw component, which sees the treatment of very heavy topics, such as the violence that Cleo has been a victim of since the age of 11, by his adoptive father. Overall a great book, to appreciate for those looking for a mixed and revisited genre, with an impeccable style!

Utente su Amazon

Cleo is an insecure girl, apparently fragile and with a difficult past: she never knew her biological father, but she grew up with her mother’s partner who started abusing her since she was little. A chance encounter, however, literally changes her life: Sebastian is a young man of 25, mysterious and protective, able to read his soul even before she can translate his thoughts into words; Cleo’s most secret fears and fears come to the surface with ease under her insistence, accustomed as she is to not receiving attention or particular interest in her story from the other boys. Sebastian is the classic gentleman, willing to do anything to protect her and keep her safe; on the other hand, a person of this caliber was just what Cleo needed to start defeating the monsters of his past. The writing style is fluid, linear, extremely delicate and never vulgar (despite the presence of some objectively “strong” scenes), a detail that I personally appreciated very much!

Il Lettore su Goodreads

I don’t like novels in the first person, but this intrigued me for the style. Because the reader impersonates, in a sense, the co-protagonist of the story, Sebastian, the direct recipient of Cleo’s words. What struck me most about the story, which in itself is nothing so exceptional after following the classic step-by-step of romance (beginning – crisis – end of fairy tale “and lived happily ever after”), was the reach of the themes dealt with, so distant both from the rose genre and from the fantasy Because this is a fantasy and it’s a romance and if you think you can find hot-blooded wolves like in Twilight, you know that the blood here is not too low. Knowing Cleo’s story leaves a bad taste in my mouth, thinking that for too many women (even one is too many) it could be the reality of violence described that hurts. So great praise to the author for the courage to talk about serious things, drowning them in usually light genres. The message of this book is powerful, a valid means of pushing women and girls to reclaim themselves and their lives, but. But. The diary style of the narrative voice in the long run tired, especially when it goes to tell the male protagonist what he does. We enter paradox mode and find it disturbing. But, then, the story leaves Cleo’s true nature in abeyance, not letting her go deeper into what she really is, a shamaness, thus leaving aside all that part linked to Nordic shamanism that you never hear about, and when it happens you it also hurts, adapting the explanations to scenes worthy of Vikings that okay. These two things weigh a lot on my personal evaluation and it follows that the work itself does not shine as it could.

Cristina Bovolenta su Play Google

Accomplice another novel, which took me on the road to Nordic mythology, I came to this and I was enchanted. A wonderful love, action and highly topical themes, treated appropriately. Above all, I liked the message that comes, the reappropriation of one’s life, being masters and responsible for one’s own choices and, even more, wanting to live and love. Some passages are quite strong, of an impressive realism, for the same reason others are beautiful and make you breathe magical atmospheres. Honestly, I really hope for a sequel.

Maria Rosa Lentino su Play Google

Wonderfuuuuul! okay I like the fantasy genre and all the vampire novels, and other creatures, but this book is awesome, it involved me so much in the story, twists and turns I didn’t expect Cleo to be what it was, then it’s the love the engine of this book and the friendship, and that mystery, which made me very excited to congratulate Chiara Casalini really heartily in this case.

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