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Chiara Casalini - Autrice fantasy e romance.

Fantasy and Romance writer


I’m Chiara, an italian writer who combines great love for fantasy, myths and sagas with feelings, love and angst. I fuse fantasy with reality and mix them up to dissolve their borders, to accompany you in my small and personal madness.

On this site, you’ll find everything you need to know about me, my books and more. Join me as I continue on this incredible journey. Follow along and come say hi!

Latest releases


The slavery of silence

Nika. La schiavitù del silenzio

When the words are chained to silence, music speaks. Intense emotions and metal music for a rebirth between drama and passion.

Wolf’s Heart

Fear, love, rebirth and freedom. Discover the story of Cleo in a world too cruel and the ancient traditions of the North.

Scarlet’ Saga

Complete trilogy

Love, blood… death. Amid intrigues, betrayals and promises, will sacrifice be the only certainty for Scarlet?

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Who am I?

I am a graphic designer, I founded a metal band in 1998, Wild Angel, where I wrote and sang the lyrics of the songs until 2013. In 2012, I published with Loquendo Editrice Scarlet -Morire per vivere, and the following year Scacco al re, presented at Lucca Comics & Games. In 2017 I published in self-publishing L’Ultima sfida, the last chapter of Scarlet’s trilogy.

Growing up in the field of local farming witchcraft, at 16 she began a journey in the study of esotericism. In 2005, she was introduced to traditional Japanese martial art, until in 2011 she resumed studies on the Norse-Viking tradition, along with the cult of runes and shamanism-warrior, of which she writes on the site In the Eyes of the Dragon.

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